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How do you feel about running your own business?


The Little Gym® is an associate member of the British Franchise Association promoting ethical franchising practice in the UK.

Cards on the table, is it for you?  Not many people run their own businesses, it takes time, energy, patience and a cool head. 

How do you feel about…

Franchising - reducing your risk!

There’s no avoiding it, setting up your own business is hard work and a franchise is no different.

If you are excited about owning an independent business where you develop all your own ideas and take 100% of the risks for 100% of the reward, franchising is probably not suited to your personality. For those who do go it alone the risks are high; on average in the UK 50% of 'independent' businesses fail in the first year and approximately 65% fail by the end of year three.

While there are no guarantees, franchising provides a much safer platform from which to become your own boss, with 92% of all UK franchisees across all sectors, being profitable after two years of trading in 2013. (2013 Natwest/BFA Franchise Survey)

A quick look at UK franchising ....

Source: NatWest/BFA Franchise Survey for 2013

A good worldwide franchisor offers ...


Becoming a partner with The Little Gym®

Take a look at the contact us section to find out more about your journey to becoming a franchisee, but, before you do, take a quick look below to see why other people just like you chose to make the life changing decision to join our exclusive network:


Learn about the day job of a The Little Gym® franchisee.

Take an insight into the life of a franchisee with Kate Henebury of The Little Gym®, Harrogate.  If you are considering becoming your own boss, this will help you begin to build a picture of this exciting business opportunity. The video lasts ten minutes.


Peter-Paul van Reenen
"This programme is unique! I knew this, the moment I set foot in the first The Little Gym® I visited. On
a day to day basis I am reminded that I made the right decision 10 years ago."

Peter-Paul van Reenen

David Masat
"We fell in love with The Little Gym immediately after becoming members of The Little Gym®
Amsterdam with our son. From the owner we learned that it was also a nice business opportunity"

David Masat

Malin Ralman
"We love being part of The Little Gym® family. We discovered a company with many years’ experience in child development that provided great support to their franchisees."

Malin Ralman

Monica Pastor
"I always knew I wanted to start a company that I would be passionate about, but also that would beneficial to other people and would allow me to have the flexibility to spend time with my family"

Monica Pastor

Lindsey Venner
"Changing careers from a chartered accountant to a franchise owner has certainly been challenging – but amazingly rewarding. When a child says that ours is their favourite activity in the week, you can’t ask for more!"

Lindsey Venner