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Your network of knowledge. "Running your own business can be a lonely experience, yet as part of an exclusive network of high calibre business owners, a wealth of knowledge, experience, support and friendship is only a call away. One of the smartest things you can do to fast track your success is talk to those who've been there before. Each franchisee has the opportunity to leverage this high calibre international network by learning from achievements and mistakes made down the years. Combined with your passion and drive,  our proven brand, experience and support offers you a great platform for success."

Alexander De Wit, CEO The Little Gym® Europe

Sabrina Polakoff

Site selection. “Finding the right location is a critical step and you can count on our extensive experience and know how. For most of The Little Gym Franchisees, finding their new location was their first experience in the world of commercial property. You will receive training, support and the right criteria to ensure you make informed decisions on your long term location. From support on negotiating favourable terms on a lease to keep your highest fixed cost to a minimum, to comprehensive interior design guidance to help transform your building from an empty space into a The Little Gym®. We're with you every step of the way to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible.”

Sabrina Polakoff, Chief Operating Officer. 

Finance. "You don't need to be a financial genius to be an owner with The Little Gym®, you just need financial common sense. We provide all the templates you need and, through our comprehensive training and support, we'll be with you every step of the way to help you navigate the financial stepping stones of building a profitable business. From securing finance with banks or investors to managing your day to day cash flow and longer term strategic planning."

Anne Ferraro, Chief Financial Officer

Recruiting and managing your team. "Behind every great The Little Gym® owner is a strong team... We don't leave this to chance, you will benefit from our customized recruiting approach to help you select only the best staff for your business. Continuous support and state of the art tools will help you with on site training and management of your staff, to help you build a strong team that cares about your members as much as you do."

Peter-Paul van Reenen, Head of Training for Europe.

Your training never stops. "Your training will ensure that when you walk in the door of your The Little Gym® you can use all your strengths, knowledge and experience from your career in business and apply it to helping you run a successful The Little Gym®. And, the training doesn't stop with you. Your team will also receive extensive training to ensure they have the tools to deliver the curriculum and service to the highest standard. Broken down into pre-opening and post-opening modules, your training will focus on helping you to become a profitable business owner, as well as a strong operational team."

Jen Errigo, Director of Training, International.

Great classes and customer service. "Retaining your members each semester is the key to underpinning the success of your The Little Gym®, and will enable you to build a strong income. To help you stand head and shoulders above the competition we will train you to deliver The Little Gym® Curriculum using our unique teaching philosophy. The Curriculum, combined with our customer service training will shape your approach on how to treat your members on every visit and help you build long term customer relationships - the corner stone of every The Little Gym® experience."

Randy McCoy, Director of Curriculum

Franchise Support. "You can rely on our strong cross network relations, helping you to learn from other's experiences and we'll be with you every step of the way to guide and help you through all the different franchise phases. We want YOU to focus on establishing your  business and we'll deal with any issues that crop up. Our Support Department and your personal advisor will assist you at every stage, including: design guidelines, equipment, software, interactive sites, training and day to day support."

Kristel Hendrickx, Franchise Support Coordinator.


Peter-Paul van Reenen
"This programme is unique! I knew this, the moment I set foot in the first The Little Gym® I visited. On
a day to day basis I am reminded that I made the right decision 10 years ago."

Peter-Paul van Reenen

David Masat
"We fell in love with The Little Gym immediately after becoming members of The Little Gym®
Amsterdam with our son. From the owner we learned that it was also a nice business opportunity"

David Masat

Malin Ralman
"We love being part of The Little Gym® family. We discovered a company with many years’ experience in child development that provided great support to their franchisees."

Malin Ralman

Monica Pastor
"I always knew I wanted to start a company that I would be passionate about, but also that would beneficial to other people and would allow me to have the flexibility to spend time with my family"

Monica Pastor

Lindsey Venner
"Changing careers from a chartered accountant to a franchise owner has certainly been challenging – but amazingly rewarding. When a child says that ours is their favourite activity in the week, you can’t ask for more!"

Lindsey Venner